Juggling Multiple Rewards Credit Cards To Maximize Your Rewards Creditcardgenius

I Want 5% App

A utility app to help maximize cashback rewards across multiple credit cards with science and magic ;)

The Ultimate Spreadsheet To Track Credit Card Churning

For those looking to maximize travel rewards by opening multiple accounts, keeping organized with a spreadsheet is imperative. This spreadsheet I made will accurately track all your cards and rewards in detail to get free travel. #spreadsheet #googlesheets #creditcards #traveltips #travelhacking #freeflights #churning via @johnnyinafrica

How to Stack Rewards and Cash Back - Vital Dollar

How to Stack Rewards and Cash Back for Easy Money. Credit card rewards, cash back apps, Ebates, Ibotta, Trunow, brand loyalty programs, discounts, savings, saving money, spending less, travel, groceries, restaurants, gas, real world every day examples, frugal living tips. #vitaldollar #savingmoney #savemoney #frugalliving #personalfinance #money

11 Best Credit Cards for Every Type of Purchase

Having multiple cards for various purchases maximizes your rewards and can reap a slew of benefits.

What to Do When Locked Up Abroad - The Points Guy

What should you do if you end up getting arrested or locked up while in a foreign country?