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Coisas que eu gosto e nem tanto.

Pegue as coisas boas da vida, para não parar de sorrir...

Lock Screens | Hosanna Revival

We are so excited to have free downloadable lock screens for you! We hope you willl use these lock screens in two ways: First, as an hourly reminder of truth. And second, as a Scripture memorization tool.

Ele bate muito e pede, mas o que ele pede não ultrapassa as fronteiras da razão!

Las Fosas Sépticas

I'd write you another letter And another poem But Again, as in again How would I know you would get it? Or read it? Or anything? #quotes #love #quote #motivation

Jorge Luis Borges:

Relationship quotes can serve as cases for people to use in your lives. We should instead understand them first to put both of them into practice. After extraordinary meaning of the quotes, we may well then say that many of us enjoyed them.

Guard Your Heart. Proverbs 4:23. 8x10. DIY Printable Christian | Etsy

Nenhuma tempestade dura para sempre!!

O Bem que você fizer é a sua obrigação e propósito na Vida. Agite antes de usar. E espalhe o máximo que puder. El pozo que haces es su obligación y propósito en la vida. Agitar bien antes de usar. Y difundir lo más posible. The Well you do is your obligation and purpose in life. Shake before use. And spread as much as possible. Le bien que vous faites est de votre obligation et le but dans la vie. Bien agiter avant d'utiliser. Et diffuser autant que possible.

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Un oasis para el relax del día en ''Jugamos''

Paz interior

{Drowning in inspiration as ink drips from my pen}

Fear of not being as good as you thought i would be

Phil 1:3 Scripture Quote I Thank My God Every Time I Think of | Etsy

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ABC Verses A to Z Bible Verses for Children 26 4x6 by Huetopia

Thinking of you so very far away & wanting nothing more than to breathe you in & I forget how much of love is sitting side by side, feeling each other's heat as the time spins into stories of the day. by Brian Andreas

Romans 15 13 God of Hope Fill You With All Joy and Peace | Etsy

When you celebrate each of your successes, even if that is something as seemingly small as getting out of bed if that is a struggle for you, you will associate accomplishing something with feeling good (especially if you do a silly celebratory dance that makes you laugh). Not only will that encourage you to achieve something else, it will also attract more things to celebrate. ☺️ #Affirmations